Kenice Mobley

Kenice Mobley is a standup comedian and filmmaker who lives in Brooklyn, New York.  In the past year, she has participated in the Women in Comedy Festival, San Francisco Sketchfest, the Limestone Comedy Festival and the Brooklyn Comedy Festival. She has also appeared on Laughs on FOX and SiriusXM.


Rohan Padhye

Rohan Padhye is a standup comedian based out of New York City. He runs a weekly show called Airplane Mode, every Thursday at Cherry Tree Bar in Brooklyn NY. It's really important to know that Rohan is not actually an expert in anything, especially dating and relationships. However, it's even more important to know that Rohan always needs a platform (this podcast, standup, etc) to talk about things (complain) so that he doesn't--in the words of his doctor-- completely explode into a thousand pieces.