Unofficial ufologists Brian Bahe and Sam Rose host this weekly podcast.  Each week they record in Area 51 with a comedian to talk about recent UFO sighting reports and videos, ponder what aliens sound like when they laugh, and beg for sponsorship from Monster Energy Drink. The podcast will reach its conclusion when they interview Tom Delonge.


Brian Bahe

Brian Bahe is a Area 51-based comedian, originally from Phoenix, Arizona. He has seen many UFOs and believes they are among us. Find him on Twitter and Instagram @brian_bahe



Named after Brian and Sam's white whale, Tom DeLonge of Blink-182 and Angels & Airwaves, Tom the Alien is a treasured friend of the the ufology podcast.


Sam Rose

Sam Rose is as Brooklyn-based comedian and writer (Ugh, I know, I know), originally from California. He hasn't seen any UFOs...yet. Find him on Twitter and Instagram @samcoryrose